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Welcome to Open Virtual Magic Kingdom!
Create a character, play, and win stuff!
What's Up in
Not much! While the OVMK you may remember ended in 2013, I still enjoy messing around "remaking" VMK from time to time. Click the Play Now orb on the left to check out my latest, very unfinished, attempt from late 2018.

This homepage is mostly the same as it was in 2013, so feel free to cringe at the source code with me.

- Nick
Frequently asked
Q: Can you finish this so we can actually play it?
A: Probably not. I don't have a lot of free time to spend on non-paying projects like this.

Q: Is this multi-player?
A: Not at this time, sorry. Jun 2019: Yes, users are assigned a Guest name and can see each others' generic avatars jump around the map.

Q: This client is very download-heavy and not optimized at all!
A: This is an accurate statement, sorry.

Q: I can see you took some files from X remake!
A: Good observation, I wonder where they got them from.

Q: X doesn't work.
A: Sorry, this isn't and won't ever be fully finished.

Q: I can't access it / It's giving me errors / It doesn't load past the logo
A: Try refreshing. It may be messed up at the moment, sorry.

Q: Can I be staff?
A: There's nothing to be staff of, sorry.

Q: When does registration begin?
A: It doesn't, sorry.

Q: Will you join my remake?
A: Unlikely, but you can shoot me an email.

Q: I'd like to contact you!
A: nick@openvmk.com
When Amy was removed from the OVMK team, she started MyVMK. MyVMK has been running since late 2013 and is quite full-featured and even includes new features, minigames, and lots of new items.
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VMK, but make it Epcot! NETCOT Center is a VMK remake intending to offer the original psuedo-Disneyland VMK experience, plus a boatload of rooms based on Epcot at WDW. NETCOT has been in development since 2018 and seems to have good potential.
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Now welcoming Guests, the recently expanded New Fantasyland offers more immersive enchantment than ever before.
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