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Nada! While the OVMK you may remember ended in 2013, I still enjoy messing around "remaking" VMK from time to time. Click the Play Now orb on the left to check out one of my very unfinished attempts from late 2018.

This homepage is mostly the same as it was in 2013, so feel free to cringe at the source code with me.

- Nick

Contact me at: nick@openvmk.com
VMK, but make it Epcot! NETCOT Center is a VMK remake intending to offer the original psuedo-Disneyland VMK experience, plus a new assortment of rooms based on Epcot at WDW. NETCOT has been in development since 2018 and opened for beta testing on July 31st, 2020. It can be played today!
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Now welcoming Guests, the recently expanded New Fantasyland offers more immersive enchantment than ever before.
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