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The original OpenVMK reached its end as a public VMK remake in late 2013. A thank you goes out to each of you that supported OVMK until the last days. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.


Long Live VMK.
Update: Fooling around "remaking" VMK is a fun pastime. Mess around in my latest very unfinished attempt:


Tested in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Safari doesn't like to load fonts. Most rooms work including their animations and sounds. Click/hover handling is glitchy - sometimes have to click multiple times. Resize your browser window vertically to reveal the animation/sound scores and room jumper. Feel free to rip any assets, but if you use my code please give credit.

One of the priorities of this project is to use as much of the raw original assets as possible, such as the window layout definitions, room tile & sprite location definitions, making usage of previously elusive "cast member" properties exported with custom Director scripts, and modeling some of the engine code after that of the original client disassembled using open source projects available on GitHub.


Q: Can you finish this so we can actually play it?
A: Probably not. I don't have a lot of free time to spend on non-paying projects like this. The VMK community tends to be very drama-heavy which I also don't have time for.

Q: Is this multi-player?
A: Not at this time, sorry. 6/11/19: Yes, users are assigned a Guest name and can see each others' generic avatars jump around the map.

Q: This client is very download-heavy and not optimized at all!
A: This is an accurate statement, sorry.

Q: I can see you took some files from X remake!
A: Good observation, I wonder where they got them from.

Q: X doesn't work.
A: Sorry, this isn't and won't ever be fully finished.

Q: I can't access it / It's giving me errors / It doesn't load past the logo
A: It must be messed up at the moment, sorry.

Q: Can I be staff?
A: There's nothing to be staff of, sorry.

Q: When does registration begin?
A: It doesn't, sorry.

Q: Will you join my remake?
A: Unlikely - see the first answer.

Q: I'd like to contact you!